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Have you ever spent hours searching social media for an influencer? You know an Influencer is perfect for boosting brand identity, your products and services, but finding the right influencers for your brand or project can be really time consuming.

You could spend hours upon hours scrolling through social media, or you could use NI Influencers. We have already done the hard work for you and compiled a list of the top influencers based in the UK & Ireland that span a wide variety of industries.

With our easy-to-use search and filter functions, you can find the perfect influencer for your needs in seconds.

We have you covered if you need an influencer for marketing, PR, or general advice.

The best bit? After becoming a member, you can search and reach out to as many influencers as you wish, we charge zero commission.

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Our simple to use search and filtering options means it is easier than ever to find an influencer that meets your needs.

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Read through each of the influencer profiles, ensure to look at the content posted on their social media profiles.

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Use the direct messaging feature to send them a message. If your business/idea is a good fit, they'll get back to you.

Frequently Asked Questions

NI Influencers facilitates the introduction of influencer and business/brand.

In addition to our member database, we offer an influencer outreach service, let us bring the influencers to you. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

Start by introducing yourself, a bit about you and what it is that you’d like help with.

It is also important to ask some important questions to ensure they are a good fit for you, such as:

1. Who is your target audience? How do you create content that aligns with what they’re looking for?

2. What does the content creation timeline look like?

3. What trends are you seeing emerge that you recommend leveraging in the content you’re looking to generate for us?

4. Who have you worked with previously?

5. What is a recent campaign or brand partnership that you are most proud of? How did you determine success?

6. Are you working, or have you worked, with our competitors?

7. How frequently do you create sponsored content?

8. What are your fees? Rights? Media kit/rate sheet?

If you have any doubts, please feel free to reach out to us for advice.

The person you have contacted receives an email with your enquiry.

There is no catch! After becoming a member, it is completely free to search and reach out to all of our NI Influencers that are listed on our platform.

No, we aren’t involved with the money or management of any influencers listed on our platform.

All arrangements are strictly between you and the influencer.

NI Influencers facilitates the meet of influencer and business/brand, we are not an influencer agency.

Not to worry! Sometimes it can work better presenting your opportunity to our network of Northern Ireland influencers and have a list of influencers who are interested in what you’re doing instead of the other way around.

Our influencer outreach service yields the highest results, we post on our social media and if required to our extensive mailing list, any interested influencers will then put themselves forward to work with your business.

Please check out, how we can help businesses.

“60% of UK millennial consumers have bought something recommended by an influencer they follow."

Source: Cure Media

Our Listed Content Creators Have All Been Manually Vetted For Accuracy and Quality

We understand that in today’s age, it’s more important than ever to be able to trust the what you see online; that’s why we check every application for authenticity.

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Hey , when submitting an application to become a NI Influencer, there is a processing fee of £25.00 that is required to be paid.

This fee covers the administrative costs of reviewing and processing your application, and helps us ensure that we are able to continue providing the necessary resources and support to our community of influencers.

Please ensure you meet the current criteria before applying as this is non-refundable and payable for every application.

Please let us know if you have any further questions or concerns.

We appreciate your interest in becoming a part of our network, and thank you for your understanding regarding this fee.

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