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Measuring A Successful Influencer Marketing Spend

Measuring A Successful Influencer Marketing Spend

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If you are going to run a successful Influencer marketing campaign, you’re going to need to run some figures.

Firstly, consider the influencers rate for a post, story or reel e.g. £200

Then the cost of the product being marketed e.g. £100

Total cost £300

Now calculate the influencers followers e.g 7500

Ask the influencer for their average engagement rate (the no. of their followers that comment on or like their posts) let’s say 5% (375 followers)

If 5% of their engaged followers buy your product = 18 sales x 100 =£1800

Sales £1800

Costs £300

Profit £1500

Brand awareness PRICELESS!!

How to measure these sales? An exclusive discount code will tell you how many sales came directly from your campaign.

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